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Schools in Montana
NameAddressRatingEnrollmentGrade span
Absarokee High School327 South Woodard Avenue, Absarokee691039-12
Absarokee School327 South Woodard Avenue, Absarokee86160PK-6
Alberton 7-8 School306 Railroad Avenue, Alberton51317-8
Alberton School306 Railroad Avenue, Alberton-82PK-6
Alkali Creek School681 Alkali Creek Road, Billings30437PK-6
Alzada SchoolCircle Drive, Alzada-7PK-8
Amsterdam School6360 Camp Creek Road, Manhattan6478K-6
Anaconda High School5th & Main, Anaconda394799-12
Anderson 7-8 School10040 Cottonwood Road, Bozeman75507-8
Anderson School10040 Cottonwood Road, Bozeman90142PK-6
Arlee 7-8 School123 Fyant Street, Arlee40737-8
Arlee Elementary School123 Fyant Street, Arlee42234PK-6
Arlee High School123 Fyant Street, Arlee161289-12
Arrowhead 7-8 School1489 East River Road, Pray91417-8
Asa Wood School700 Idaho Avenue, Libby61408PK-4
Ashland 7-8 SchoolHighway 212, Ashland-177-8
Ashland SchoolHighway 212, Ashland-55PK-6
Auchard Creek School9605 Highway 287, Wolf Creek-25PK-8
Augusta 7-8 School410 N Broadway, Augusta-157-8
Augusta Elementary School410 N Broadway, Augusta-39PK-6
Augusta High School410 N Broadway, Augusta-379-12
Avon SchoolHarpole Road, Avon8546PK-8
Ayers SchoolHighway 87 W #106007, Grass Range-15PK-8
B A Winans School1015 West Clark, Livingston78264PK-5
Babb School1 Mile N Of Babb U.S. 89, Babb-36K-6
Bainville 7-8 School409 Tubman, Bainville-87-8
Bainville High School409 Tubman, Bainville-299-12
Bainville School409 Tubman, Bainville-43PK-6
Baker 7-8 School1015 South 3rd West, Baker41697-8
Baker High School1015 South 3rd West, Baker631499-12
Barbara Gilligan 7-8 School215 N 5th Street, Brockton1287-8
Barbara Gilligan School215 N 5th Street, Brockton479PK-6
Basin School119 North Quartz, Basin-21PK-6
Bear Paw School40 Miles South Of Chinook Birdtai, Chinook-8PK-8
Beaverhead County High School104 North Pacific Street, Dillon714149-12
Belfry 7-8 School200 Wisconsin, Belfry-197-8
Belfry High School200 Wisconsin, Belfry-389-12
Belfry School200 Wisconsin, Belfry-25PK-6
Belgrade High School303 North Hoffman, Belgrade597819-12
Belgrade Intermediate School421 Spooner Road, Belgrade614644-6
Belgrade Middle School410 Triple Crown Road, Belgrade573817-8
Belt 7-8 School1 Church Street, Belt81527-8
Belt High School1 Church Street, Belt501109-12
Belt School1 Church Street, Belt75140PK-6
Bench School505 Milton Road, Billings51413PK-6
Benton Lake School17557 Bootlegger Trail, Floweree-6PK-8
Biddle SchoolHighway 59 N In Biddle, Biddle-9PK-8
Big Dry SchoolHighway 200 17 Miles West Of Jord, Jordan-5K-8
Big Sandy 7-8 School398 First Avenue, Big Sandy100237-8
Big Sandy High School398 First Avenue, Big Sandy92709-12
Big Sky Elementary School3231 Granger Avenue East, Billings60444PK-6
Big Sky High School3100 South Avenue West, Missoula60-9-12
Big Sky SchoolDelbonita Road, Cut Bank-161-8
Big Stone School251 Goonhill Road, Sand Coulee-22K-8
Big Timber 7-8 School5th & Anderson, Big Timber84957-8
Big Timber School5th & Anderson, Big Timber69271PK-6
Bigfork 7-8 School600 Commerce Street, Bigfork491557-8
Bigfork High School600 Commerce Street, Bigfork653759-12
Bigfork School600 Commerce Street, Bigfork62337PK-6
Billings Senior High School425 Grand Avenue, Billings56-9-12
Billings West High School2201 St. Johns Avenue, Billings72-9-12
Birney School205 Commercial Street, Birney-6PK-8
Bissell 7-8 School5955 Farm To Market Road, Whitefish-157-8
Bissell School5955 Farm To Market Road, Whitefish5458K-6
Bitterroot School1801 Bench Boulevard, Billings65421PK-6
Bloomfield School2285 Fas 470, Bloomfield-16PK-8
Blue Creek School3652 Blue Creek Road, Billings79208PK-6
Bo Peep School1105 F Avenue, Circle-63PK-3
Bonner 7-8 School9045 Highway 200, Bonner22877-8
Bonner School9045 Highway 200, Bonner56291PK-6
Boulder 7-8 School205 South Washington, Boulder25427-8
Boulder Elementary School205 South Washington, Boulder58144PK-6
Boulder School2202 32nd Street West, Billings87356PK-6
Box Elder 7-8 SchoolMain Street, Box Elder2647-8
Box Elder High SchoolMain Street, Box Elder231089-12
Box Elder SchoolMain Street, Box Elder19222PK-6
Boyd School300 Montana Street, Boyd-4PK-8
Bozeman High School205 N 11th Avenue, Bozeman75-9-12
Bridger 7-8 School106 North 4th Street, Bridger60237-8
Bridger High School429 West Park Avenue, Bridger74649-12
Bridger School106 North 4th Street, Bridger978PK-6
Broadus 7-8 School500 N Trautman, Broadus47537-8
Broadus School500 N Trautman, Broadus60150PK-6
Broadview 7-8 School13935 1st Street, Broadview47267-8
Broadview High School13935 1st Street, Broadview43549-12
Broadview School13935 1st Street, Broadview28104PK-8
Broadwater High School201 N Spruce, Townsend672209-12
Broadwater School900 Hollins, Helena60253K-5
Brockton High School215 N 5th Street, Brockton-589-12
Brorson School7 Miles NW Of Sidney Highway 200, Sidney-8K-6
Browning High School112 1st Avenue SW, Browning16369-12
Browning Middle School900 South Piegan, Browning-2947-8
Bryant School1529 Boulder, Helena31253K-5
Burlington School2135 Lewis Avenue, Billings56276PK-6
Butte High School401 South Wyoming, Butte47-9-12
Bynum School210 Central Avenue, Bynum-30K-8
C M Russell High School228 17th Avenue NW, Great Falls63-9-12
C R Anderson Middle School1200 Knight Street, Helena549946-8
Cam Rose School253 Union School Road, Shelby-23PK-8
Camas Prairie School781 County Road 382, Plains-10PK-6

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